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Poker with your friends

Poker with your friends

Club Poker is a unique experience. The opportunity to play with each other and not against casino. Olympic Poker Club you will have an experienced dealers who deals the cards, explains the rules of few different poker games and keeps the game going on. You will play against each other and will have to find out who is the best poker player in your company. At Olympic Poker Club you will have at your disposal special poker tables for 5-60 people who can play at the same time (10 people at each table).
During these hours you can take pleasure in a pleasant atmosphere.

Special package of Club Poker includes:
• Special tables and dealers
• Training
• Tournament
• Prizes from Olympic Casino
• Welcome drink

The price of Special package at Olympic Casino is €35 per one table for one hour and 30 minutes.
When the game with your friends is over you can continue and participate in Open Poker tournament, also try your luck on casino tables or slot machines.

Tel. +371 67 828 777; email:

 You can also purchase Gift cards for Poker training event also at